Dew Well

Bath Crumble

$19.99 $24.99

  • Bath bombs are great for a night of self care, but sometimes using one isn't practical. Whether it's a too-small tub or you're short on time, Dew Well's Bath Crumble gives you the bath bomb experience any time
  • We've taken the same great ingredients of a traditional bath bomb kit and turned them into a powder crumble that you can scoop into your bath, similar to epsom salt 
  • Each scoop of crumble is infused with a fresh peppermint scent, giving you an aromatherapy experience as you soak and even helping to clear congestion and boost your mood 
  • The best part of our Bath Crumble is you can customize the amount you use. Add a light sprinkle for a foot soak, a standard 1-2 scoops for a bath soak, or more if you like! The options are endless
  • Any gift bag is better with this customizable version of a bath bomb. Makes a great gift for women, men, and even kids to make every bath foaming, fizzing fun